About Me

Hi my name is Elke Rohlf. Have you ever felt different? Like you don’t fit in? If you answered “Yes” Then welcome to my world. From a very young age I always knew I was different. I never knew why until I started experiencing unexplainable events. How can you know what someone is going to do before they do it? How is it possible to find someone’s biological mother in 10 mins when they had searched for years! Feel a person’s pain but they live in another state, to know your about to be in a car accident but avoid it.

So started my journey of Self-discovery. I remember picking up a book called “The ElkeCelestine Prophecy” and it was a huge Wow moment. I couldn’t get enough of reading at that point. Then came my Reiki classes, the mediumship classes and the spiritual churches. I’ve met some wonderful people on my journey. My teachers have been many and have opened up my world with love, guidance and support. It’s been through this that I have been able to develop my gifts and give back to others.

My love for learning and developing has lead me on to do so many things. I was part of a volunteer program that was piloting alternative therapy within the hospital system to see the difference that this would make on the long term patients recovery. There has also been Tarot courses, personal mastery, basic massage, cranio sacral kinesiology as well as being a guest speaker at the Spiritual Churches and giving readings at the Psychic fairs. Just recently I completed my Counselling Diploma and a Peers facilitators training program. Through this I’ve been able to do volunteer work to give back to the community.

It was through my counselling that I developed my empowerment workshop. We all have certain areas in our lives that we feel that need tweaking, changing, over-hauling. Whatever words you would like to use. It’s through this workshop that we can start making changes step by step. It is not something that we should rush into as we need to peel back the layers one by one to understand, learn and grow from. As when you diet you need to do this slowly and healthy in order for the weight to stay off and for you to be ok. The mind is no different. In order for change to occur we need to go at the pace we feel comfortable with and learn to start believing in ourselves.

I’m living my Dream. I dare you to start living yours!